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With more than a year in pandemic and staying at home, we had to deal with new reality. That includes changes in our daily life and habits.

Most of us still work from home, so it is crucial to find work and life balance. One of the things that help maintain this balance is food.

It may be an underrated issue, but actually it may seem harder to eat healthy at home. You think that you have more time. But on the other side, just more home work and stress creeping in.

That’s the situation, when all the sugary foods…

Weekend morning is a perfect time to spend in the kitchen, preparing a good meal. If you plan ahead, you can serve a lovely brunch for your family members and enjoy your time together.

After more than a year stuck at home, we started cooking more and experimenting with food. Can this relate to you, too?

Food is something magical that bring people together! I think a good day should always start with good and healthy meal that is pleasing to your eyes.

After reading this, you will never run out of ideas about weekend brunch at home. …

Alina | Cooking Journey Blog

Passionate foodie, self-taught home chef, blogger and photographer

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