Best ideas for weekend brunch at home

Weekend morning is a perfect time to spend in the kitchen, preparing a good meal. If you plan ahead, you can serve a lovely brunch for your family members and enjoy your time together.

After more than a year stuck at home, we started cooking more and experimenting with food. Can this relate to you, too?

Food is something magical that bring people together! I think a good day should always start with good and healthy meal that is pleasing to your eyes.

After reading this, you will never run out of ideas about weekend brunch at home. Easy recipes that every adult can make, if you follow step by step instructions.

By the way, you can create a tradition of weekend brunch at home and stick to it. During the brunch time let every family member share what they’ve done in a week, encourage each other or share your memories.

Back to food! Here are some of my favorite food ideas that must land on any good family brunch table.

  • Burgers, breads, buns, toasts, savory bakes and pizza. There’s no brunch without bread, butter and jam. Get creative, and substitute regular bread to…avocado buns! You can buy your bread, but there are many quick bread recipes that are easy to make in one hour.
  • Casseroles, frittatas and quiches. Who doesn’t love a good breakfast casserole with cheese? If your family is small, you can make it in individual dishes.
  • Waffles, pancakes and fritters. When I think about brunch, I imagine waffles and pancakes for sure. You can make classic ones, or try more healthy or savory cooking.
  • Appetizers like Deviled eggs, muffins, rolls, wraps, stuffed veggies. Something nice and healthy to grab, while waiting for all family members to gather or reheating the food.
  • Salads. Fruit salads, or leafy green salads are great for light brunch meal.
  • Desserts. Small desserts like panna cotta, mousse and tiramisu, served in individual glasses are perfect morning treats!
  • Sweet bars, squares, cookies are easy to make and share! These pair so good with a cup of morning coffee or tea.
  • Tarts, crisps, small cakes or cheesecakes. If you love baking, it’s your time to shine! It doesn’t have to be complicated, just from your heart! There are many no bake desserts too, and they are especially good for spring and summer brunches.

Desserts are definitely my favorite meal any time of the day!

You can make your brunch plan ahead of time, including variety of food. And you know better your family food preferences!

Start with an idea and get your family member to help you. Don’t forget to officially invite your family members!

When did you have brunch with your family? Don’t wait for holiday to make it!

Let me know, what are your favorites in your brunch menu! What would you add to this list?

Passionate foodie, self-taught home chef, blogger and photographer

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